Enhancements at Honeydewwz to Make Your Stay Completely Safe

We want you to have confidence when you check into a room, that it has been cleaned and disinfected using the latest in technology and most potent, but safe solutions. We have enhanced all our operational protocols in addition to the safety measures that is taken to prevent Covid spread.



Our Standards and protocols will include:
  • Minimising the number of frequency of employees entering the guest rooms during their stay to protect both our guests and employees.
  • A guest room rotation plan that allows enough time for proper air circulation after check out.
  • Removal of most collateral- like pens and papers from all rooms and making them only available on request.
  • Changing of Linens and totals only at checkout, unless the guest requests for them to be changed earlier.
  • Guest-room attendants will wear masks and gloves while cleaning each room and washing hands and changing gloves between each guest room.
  • Training of employees on proper cleaning and disinfection protocols for corridors and housekeeping lockers (carts, chutes, cleaning equipment, linen storage, elevators, hallway touchpoints).
  • Training on cleaning and disinfection for guest room attendants, with an emphasis on sequence of service and allowing required dwell times for all disinfectant solutions to effectively kill the virus.


By accelerating our digital programs to implement check-in options, we will reduce lines and allow our guest to practice good physical distancing in the check-in area. Additionally, employees will offer to send itineraries and folios through email, instead of printing and handling copies to guest.


  • Luggage will be sprayed with disinfectant and will be delivered to the guest room. The Bell person who must enter the guest room will wear gloves and dispose of the gloves before entering another room.
  • Guest requiring special assistance with disability related needs, such as parking or check-in, will be provided service in line with Honeydewwz Hotel & Resort general safety standards.


We know enjoying our best in class unique food and beverage offerings is one of the highlights of visiting honeydewwz hotel & resorts. We are working to adapt our restraints and our dining experience to provide safe environments for our guest and employees. Some of these changes include:
  • Regular sanitisation of Dining facility.
  • Usage of hand sanitiser and temperature checking station at the entrance.
  • Usage of Gloves, Mask, and PPE shield while serving guest.
  • Encourage of in-room dining facility for guest. Orders left at the guest door to avoid direct contact.
  • Encouraging guest to reserve table to reduce crowding of guests.
  • Blocking of table in between other dining tables so as to maintain distance between guests.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of eating areas with an EPA approved disinfectant.


Honeydewwz Hotel & Resort understand the value of events and Meetings and will be implementing new safety procedures and protocols for events and meetings. These guidelines will continue to evolve as we get additional guidelines from central, state and local authorities and our medical experts. However, based on what we know now, we are considering the following:


  • Hand Sanatiser stations placed in high traffic areas.
  • Banquet amenities will be sanitised frequently and single use items will be disposed of each day.
  • Training staff on cleaning and disinfection protocols.


  • Usage of hand sanitiser and temperature checking station at the entrance.
  • Signage of COVID Protocols place on regular intervals to ensure the safety of guest.
  • Sanitisation of Arcade room equipment in regular intervals.
  • Setting up arcade games to abide by 6-foot physical distancing protocols; when 6-foot physical distancing is not feasible, responsible physical barriers or other mitigating protocols, like disabling of games, will be implemented.
  • Limiting direct contact between employees and with guest. Employees will sanitise the arcade equipment before handing over to guest and guest will place the equipment on the table while handing over so sanitising will be done before handing over to the next guest.