Refund & Cancellation


Cancellation Policy

  • 100 percent cancellation charges will be levied if cancelled after the check-in date

  • 100 percent cancellation charges will be levied if cancelled in between 2 day(s) before check-in date and before on check-in date

  • Free Cancellation if cancelled in between booking date and 2 day(s) before check-in date


No Show Policy

· In case of a no show of a guaranteed reservation the hotel reserves the right to levy retention charges at 100% for the entire period of reservation.



· When you cancel a booking and are entitled to a refund then we will instruct the refund right away. The processing will take between 2-4 weeks until the whole amount shows back on your credit card statement. Reasons for this are the billing cycle of your credit card company and processing time of the bank. The refund amount depends on numerous factors such as the hotel's cancellation policy, time of cancellation and processing fees. For more details see cancellation policy above.

In case a reservation that you make is not confirmed, we will not charge you anything on your credit/debit card and release the whole amount that was held on it immediately. Now after we do this, it will still take a maximum of 2-4 weeks for the bank to process this and for the money to show back on your credit card.