Refund & Cancellation


Cancellation Policy

  • 100 percent cancellation charges will be levied if cancelled on the check-in date.

  • 100 percent cancellation charges will be levied if cancelled in between 7 day(s) before check-in date.

  • Free Cancellation if cancelled before 8 days from the day of check-in.


No Show Policy

· In case of a no show of a guaranteed reservation the hotel reserves the right to levy retention charges at 100% for the entire period of reservation.


For all cancellations, the refund will be initiated and refund will be processed in 7 to 10 working days from the day of cancellation. Cancellation shall be processed after receiving a e-mail from the guest. No verbal or text message shall be considered as a consent communication for cancellation. Please note, 5% of transaction value will be charged as transaction charges, 95% of the booking amount paid shall be refunded. In case of Online booking, Honeydewwz Hotel and resort shall not hold any responsibility regarding the refund or cancellation, the online travel channel partners should be contacted for further communication or clarification.